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We’re putting a whole new spin on BLACK FRIDAY.  Lights will be out, and everyone will be distributed a Venetian Style Mask to wear.  If you’d like to bring your own mask, you can do that as well.

We just did a “Masked Event” in San Francisco and it was a lot of fun and pretty wild!

Additionally, as always YOU WILL BE DISTRIBUTED A COLOR GLOW WRISTBAND, so that other members can cruise you with ease and see if you’re top, bottom, or vers, according to the color of your glow band.

Our goal with BROTEIN  is to bring back a feeling of "gay brotherhood", reminiscent of 1970's sleazy NYC scenes through spilling loads.  Average age is usually 20-45+, w/ some hot daddies; a variety of sexy “no attitude” dudes looking to play with each other.  Just don’t be a creep :-). 

You can recommend this party to your friends, but pictures of them need to be emailed to us prior at 

LOCATION - LA, North Hollywood Arts District, right accords the street from the RED LINE. Tons of easy street parking available. Private residence. Exact Address will be sent day of the party to ticket holders.

WHEN: ARRIVAL/ DOORS 10-11PM. DOORS for close at 10pm (If you can’t arrive by this time, that’s fine, but you must email us to set up late entry).  WE RECOMMEND ARRIVING AS CLOSE TO 10PM AS POSSIBLE.

TICKETS available only through Bombie Jander Website only; NO CASH SALES at door.

  • Glow Band - to show attendees if you are top, bottom, or vers and cruise you with ease. 
  • Mandatory Clothing Check; Jockstraps, Fetish Gear, capes, are allowed to be worn. 
  • Venetian Style Mask. 
  • Premium Silicon Lube.
  • Light Refreshments. 


  • Jungle Juice Platinum - $20. 


  • Please clean out before; we know that sometimes “shit happens”, but please scrub a dub dub dat booty.  Thank you to all the bottoms who do the Lords work! We appreciate you, AMEN. TOPS - please be respectful of the bottoms, if something happens.  Cleaning out a butt is harder than you might think  

  • Have a screenshot of your CONFIRMATION NUMBER/EMAIL to enter.

  • NO DRUGS: Poppers OK.

  • NO PNP
  • NO PNP
  • NO PNP
  • NO PNP
  • NO PNP
  • NO PNP
IMPORTANT: You may only purchase one ticket per customer/email.  If you want to attend the event with a partner, or friends, they must personally purchase the ticket on an additional transaction.  Each NAME on the transaction must match your current state issued photo ID, or passport upon entry.  Each email address provided must be the email address of the TICKET HOLDER. 
WAIVER:  By making this purchase, I (my legal name) agree that my legal name matches the name entered on checkout page. I understand that I am electronically signing my signature and agreeing the all of following TERMS AND CONDITIONS to be allowed entry to thus event:
- [ ] I (your legal name) am the purchaser of my ticket and that the name on my state issued ID matches the information which I enter for my ticket. I agree that I am purchasing this ticket for myself alone. NOTE: Personal information will never be shared.
- [ ] Drug use and photography of any kind is prohibited.
- [ ] I am attending this event of my own free will and for my own personal interest and enjoyment. I understand I may leave at any time.
- [ ] I am at least 18 years of age. I must show a valid photo ID to prove this.
- [ ] I understand that participants are acting as consenting adults in a private situation.
- [ ] I understand that attendees may be fully nude and choose to perform sexual acts between consenting adults (other attendees), and their own free will and that owners/organizers are not responsible for any related issues, if such should arise.
- [ ] I understand that some activities at this event may be dangerous and I undertake these risks of my own free will whenever participating. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless and blameless the organizers of this event and the owners of the premises for any claims arising out of this event.
- [ ] I understand that I attend this event at my own risk and that the organizers of this event and the owners/renters/organizers of the premises and event are in no way responsible or liable for any damage, loss, or injury to my property or self. I understand that there will be equipment and supplies available for my use, and I use any such equipment entirely at my own risk.
- [ ] I will commit no acts with, nor towards, any attendee at this event without negotiating their prior consent to it, and I will conduct myself with respect toward attendees and the premises at all times. I will intend no harm, or injury on any other attendees.
- [ ] Attendees/ Owners/ Promoters are not responsible or liable for my personal wellbeing, and are not accountable if any accidents, or injury occur.
- [ ] I am not acting in the capacity of, as a member of, or under the direction of any law enforcement agency.
- [ ] I am not acting in the capacity of , as a member of , or under the direction of any media agency. I will not publish or submit for any kind of publication, information, writings, photos, recordings of this event.
- [ ] I understand that I may be required to leave an event for violation of this event’s rules and guidelines and that any moneys paid or donated will not be refunded. The organizer reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone.
- [ ] Condoms are available; I understand that I alone am responsible for using them, should I choose to do so.
- [ ] I understand that all sales are final. I understand that any money contributed is solely for entry, supplies and coat check at the event.