"Electric Serpent" Shorts - ONLY S/M LEFT!

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The serpent is often viewed as an expression of good and evil. And in most cultures, it represents sexual desire and pure...raw...passion.

These shorts are constructed out of  fabric so luxurious and high quality, they're fit for a King (or Queen). Opulent gold accents are hand woven throughout, to give you a #GlamCasual look. Black mesh strips allow for a "peep show" effect along the sides. The mesh pockets close with 2 large zippers to keep your junk secured.

Our shorts come in 2 sizes for an easy, comfortable, and sexy fit that will highlight your #PeachEmoji.

Each pair is handmade in our NEW YORK CITY studio (not some crap imported from China).

SIZEQUEENS here's how our shorts measure up...

  • Small /Medium (28" / 71 cm) to (33" /83.82cm)
  • Medium/Large (34" / 86.36 cm) to (37" / 93.98 cm)