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There will be 2 rounds of DEPOSITORY'S (ONLY 30 BTTMS in total) at the party.  Each round will be on the SPERM BANK FLOOR for 1 hour...

First round of BTTMS, can TOP the second round of Depositories, or wait until "Open Play" an hour later to play again.

Review the schedule and be sure to arrive during designated times!!! If you do not arrive on time, you won't be allowed entry until "OPEN PLAY"!!!

 *********SPERM BANK SCHEDULE**********

8 PM | ROUND 1 DEPOSITORY ARRIVALS — Guys in this group can arrive as early as 7:15PM, but all must arrive no later than 8PM. During this time you’ll be put into place and wait for the Donors.

8:15PM | ALL DONOR ARRIVALS - Guys in this group can arrive as early as 7:45pm ALL MUST arrive by 8:15PM.  

8:15PM | BANK OPENS — Round 1 Depository’s & ALL DONORS on the floor.  

9PM | ROUND 2 DEPOSITORY ARRIVAL - Guys in this group can arrive as early as 8:15PM, but all must arrive no later than 9PM. 


10:15 | OPEN PLAY — ANYTHING GOES REST OF EVENING  Round 1 Bottoms allowed back to the floor. 



SPERM BANK provides PIGHAUS members the opportunity to fulfill their basic reproductive needs...This is a bareback only event.  

Decide whether you want to be a DEPOSITORY (BTTM) OR a DONOR (TOP). 

This isn’t a parTy. Poppers are OK.

There are bathrooms on-site, but please clean out at home if you’re a DEPOSITORY (BTTM)...

If you have been granted a DEPOSITORY position and are unable to attend, you must notify us within 48 hours of the event. If you are a “no show” you not be considered DEPOSITORY positions at future SPERM BANKS, under any circumstances.


  1. You must arrive during designated timeframe, so that you are in place for the DONORS. 

  2. DEPOSITORY’S must come cleaned out and ready for their DONORS.  

  3. Use time before the DONORS arrive to hydrate, last minute restroom break, and to get in your assigned places comfortably. 

  4. DEPOSITORY’S will be placed at an assigned “station, and into a “relaxed bent over position”, where only their bottom/ legs will be made visible to DONORS.

  5. DEPOSITORY’S should refrain from leaving their station, unless they feel it is an emergency or would like to leave.  A complimentary bottle of water will be provided. Other special requests may be approved by BANK MANAGEMENT on a case my case basis.  

  6. DEPOSITORY’S should only leave stations if wearing the masks which we provide, no DONORS should ever see a DEPOSITORY identity.

  7. As a DEPOSITORY, you agree to give permission to DONORS to be used for the DONATION PROCESS


  1. DONORS may move around the BANK freely once all DEPOSITORY’S are in place and make as many donations as they deem appropriate.

  2. All DONORS understand that they can “TOP ONLY” at this event.


  1. Once you purchase a ticket we put your name on the door list, just say your name when you arrive. Only ticket-holders will be granted entry.

  2. Bags/ Clothing Check provided for your clothes/personal items and held in the clothing check area. If you prefer using your own backpack to check your belongings, feel free to do so.

  3. LOCATIONS VARY. SPERM BANK will take place at a secret location/ private outdoor space in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

  4. EXACT ADDRESS & ENTRY INSTRUCTIONS sent day of event, by 5PM.

  5. L to HALSEY, 1 block from stop. (L TRAIN will be operational entire weekend of this event/ L Train is the best transportation option). Or M to Myrtle/ Wyckoff, but it’s about at 10 minute walk from this train option.


IMPORTANT: You may only purchase one ticket per customer/email.  If you want to attend the event with a partner, or friends, they must personally purchase the ticket on an additional transaction.  Each NAME on the transaction must match your current state issued photo ID, or passport upon entry.  Each email address provided must be the email address of the TICKET HOLDER. 

WAIVER & DISCLAIMERS:  By making this purchase, I (my legal name) agree that my legal name matches the name entered on checkout page. I understand that I am electronically signing my signature and agreeing the all of following TERMS AND CONDITIONS to be allowed entry to thus event:
- [ ] I (your legal name) am the purchaser of my ticket and that the name on my state issued ID matches the information which I enter for my ticket. I agree that I am purchasing this ticket for myself alone. 
- [ ] Drug use and photography of any kind is prohibited.
- [ ] I am attending this event of my own free will and for my own personal interest and enjoyment. I understand I may leave at any time.
- [ ] I am at least 21 years of age. I must show a valid photo ID to prove this.
- [ ] I understand that participants are acting as consenting adults in a private situation.
- [ ] I understand that attendees may be fully nude and any sexual acts between consenting adults (other attendees), are done my own free will and that owners/organizers are not responsible for any related issues, if such should arise.
- [ ] I understand all risks of this event and am all actions are done on my own free will. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless and blameless the organizers of this event and the owners of the premises for any claims arising.
- [ ] I understand that I attend this event at my own risk and that the organizers of this event and the owners/renters/organizers of the premises and event are in no way responsible or liable for any damage, loss, or injury to my property or self. I understand that there will be equipment and supplies available for my use, and I use any such equipment entirely at my own risk.
- [ ] I will commit no acts with, nor towards, any attendee at this event without negotiating their prior consent to it, and I will conduct myself with respect toward attendees and the premises at all times. I will intend no harm, or injury on any other attendees.
- [ ] Attendees/ Owners/ Promoters are not responsible or liable for my personal wellbeing, and are not accountable if any accidents, or injury occur.
- [ ] I am not acting in the capacity of, as a member of, or under the direction of any law enforcement agency.
- [ ] I am not acting in the capacity of , as a member of , or under the direction of any media agency. I will not publish or submit for any kind of publication, information, writings, photos, recordings of this event.
- [ ] I understand that I may be required to leave an event for violation of this event’s rules and guidelines and that any moneys paid or donated will not be refunded. The organizer reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone.
- [ ]Consent is implied, but respect your fellow party-goer and stop your advances if they appear unwelcomed.  

- [ ] I understand that all sales are final. I understand that any money contributed / donation is solely for entry, supplies at the event.