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 Liberace is probably rolling over in his grave, pissed off that he can't wear these babies. (If you don't know, he was one of the most opulent homos to ever roam Earth. And was always dripping in gold).

These are made in our NYC studio with quality, rich, purple sequins, we then hand apply shiny gold leaf to the top of the purple sequins. A black stripe on each side finishes off the look, and gives a feel of modernity. Each pair is handmade with precision and love, and you'll feel it when you're wearing these.

These are to be worn slightly below the waist, and will come slightly above the knee. The material is not stretchy, therefore hugs your peach and eggplant. Elastic waistband gives a comfortable fit; each pair also have 2 deep pockets to hold your junk.

Handmade in our NEW YORK CITY studio.