"The Hammerhead" - Exotic Shark Skin Harness

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Hammerhead sharks are social by day, but quickly become alpha predators by night (a lot like us, hungry boys).

Our Hammerhead Harness is constructed of exotic shark skin (yes, it is 100% real shark leather). The hide has all of its natural  grooves and ridges, reminiscent of the deep currents that once washed over this apex predator. The front has the feel of a leather/rubber hybrid, while the back feels like softer traditional leather. It is luxurious and super-soft. One touch will speak volumes to its quality; there is no harness on the market quite as unique as this one.

Each strap is cut by hand in our NYC studio. It is finished with distressed snaps and our signature embossed rings. No corners have been cut here boys!

Because the shark skin is incredibly expensive, this item is not eligible for further discounts/ promotions as it should be priced far higher —but, as with all of our products, we are willing to make a small profit in order to offer you beautiful products at affordable prices. And once you experience the quality materials and the luxury of a handmade item, we hope you’ll become our client for life. 

Allow 7 business days for production; though we'll likely be finished creating your custom harness earlier.

Sizing - never measured your chest?  Just use your "suit size" when choosing which size to order.